Tips for Creating Custom Portraits Using an Academic Approach

Digital photography is cool, but have you ever experienced the magic of custom portrait? The sense of realistic portraits from photos will leave you stunned for a while. Without using any kind of digital tools and software, artists bring your digital portraits to realistic paintings with amazing colors and hours of hard work.

Why is Custom Painting Trending?

Whether you are looking for a perfect gift for your spouse or want to celebrate your anniversary, custom portraits have your back. Digital portraits lack the factor of the art. No matter how good your camera is, a digital photo can never come close to the handmade artwork in terms of grace and artistic approach.

Custom Painting is the Coolest Gift Item

For the last few years, people have been interested in portraits from photos. Custom portraits are the hottest trend in the gift market right now. The perfection of the artistic work from experienced painting artists can make your loved one the happiest individual on the planet earth. Custom paintings are so addictive that you cannot stop buying these once you have hung one in your bedroom.

Academic Approach for Creating Portraits

Any portrait that is converted into artwork from a digital photo tells a story, a story about the skills of the artist, and the story of love that you have for that portrait. At PortraitLove, we are online custom painting services providers. We offer handmade custom painting and convert paintings from photos. Here are some amazing tips for creating a custom portrait that can help to bring the best work to your walls:

1. Portrait Size must be appropriate to space

While creating a custom portrait, the size of the portrait matters a lot. The facial expressions of the faces in the custom portrait must be clear. The academic approach to creating portraits from photos requires enough size; the viewer does not have to have come close to the portrait the feel the painting. Here are some important factors that must be considered while creating a custom painting from the portrait:

• How many faces are in the portrait?
• How far are you going to hang the painting on the wall?
• Making it too big is also not good, the size should be just perfect

2. The portrait should tell a story

A custom portrait is the most impactful way to describe your emotions or to tell a story. If you think that a single portrait looks lonely in your bedroom, you can also have use paint supporting small custom portraits for your house. For small families or couples portraits, one big portrait is enough to describe the emotions.

3. Choice of Colors

Whether you should go for pencil sketches or charcoal painting? Your personal liking matters a lot. If you think that you need a colorful painting, you can go for oil painting. In case you want it to give a vintage feel to your home décor, charcoal custom painting is the best option.

Order Custom Portrait Online

PortraitLove is offering 100% handmade custom paintings online, ordering a couple of portraits or any kind of other portrait has never been so easy. We are just four clicks away from creating your custom portrait. Show your love for loved ones and order the custom painting now at PortraitLove.

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charcoal drawing portrait from photo family custom commissioned art
oil painting portrait from photo custom commissioned art