Is your gateway secure?

We are using PayPal which is one of the world’s leading and safest payment gateways for international transactions. We assure 100% safety for your payments and card details.

Do you need any specific resolution for my photo?

It is good that the photos are of good resolution so that we can get the finest of the details correct. You can also send your traditional photo paper by email. (

I couldn’t find my size preferences. Can I order a custom size?

Yes, you can order. Just email your size preferences at We will help you.

Can you frame the artwork for me?

Yes, we can frame your artwork with black and white color options. There are extra charges based on size. We can’t frame only oil painting portraits.

Materials of Frame

Frame: Fibreboard, Paper foil
Front protection: Polystyrene plastic

Size of Paintings

 Size of Frames

 Weight of Frames

 Price of Frames

 5″ x 7″(13 x 18cm)

6,3 x 8,3 x0,4 inch(16 x 21 x1 cm)

 0,33 lb(0,15 kg)


 8″ x 12″(21 x 30cm)

9,4 x 13 x0,4 inch(24 x 33 x1 cm)

 0,67 lb(0,3 kg)


 12″ x 16″(30 x 40cm)

13 x 16,9 x0,4 inch(33 x 43 x1 cm)

 0,84 lb(0,38 kg)


 16″ x 20″(40 x 50cm)

16,9 x 20,9 x0,4 inch(43 x 53 x1 cm)

 1,24 lb(0,56 kg)


 20″ x 28″(50 x 70cm)

20,9 x 28,7 x0,4 inch(53 x 73 x1 cm)

 2,13 lb(0,96 kg)



How many days does it take to deliver?

Charcoal Portraits, Pastel Portraits, Colored Pencil Portraits, Caricature Portraits and Dry Brush Portraits: 7-10 days

Oil Painting Portraits: 25-30 days

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship worldwide. You can order from all countries. Also all shippings are free of charge.

Are there any hidden cost?

No, What you see at checkout, you will pay that. There isn’t any additional charge.

Can I merge different photos to make a custom painting?

Of course, simply upload clear photos during the order process. We will merge them in your painting.


We turn your photos into stunning handmade artworks with professional artists at the lowest prices.

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