7 Pro Tips to Decorate Bedroom Walls

We all spend most of the time in our bedrooms, so we want it to be customized as per our likings and interests. It’s nice to stare on a wall that displays your favorite photos before going to sleep. I think it is incredible to recall your best memories before going into the deep valley of sleep. Just imagine that you have arranged the best bedding and furniture for your bedroom but still, your bedroom feels like a little vanilla? Are you missing something in your bedroom?

The primary reason behind this entire situation is the empty walls of your bedroom. Bedrooms are not about sleeping on beds or spending your nights, but a bedroom shows the real taste and personality of the owner. How can you expect a dark, boring wall to represent you as a stylish person? Everyone has his liking, and that’s why most of the bedrooms in houses are different from each other depending upon the taste of the person.

If you feel that your bedroom is looking sad, then we have a pleasant cure for your bedroom’s sadness. These pro tips can add a new look of happiness and style to boring walls of your bedroom. So let’s get started with this fantastic stuff:

1.    Personal memories

Framed photos and paintings are being used as wall hangings in our living rooms for a long time, and we all like to have pictures of our friends and family in our house. But have you ever thought about adding some great memories to your bedroom too? It will be helpful to add some touch of these photos to your most private room also. Photographs are a reminder of your favorite and best memories. Add these memories to your bedroom walls to keep you happy whenever you feel sad. Having a good memory before closing your eyes will help to sleep well at night.

2.    Colorful Combinations

Why do you like to paint your walls white color? Most of us think that white color makes your room look spacious and brighter. No doubt, you are right, and it gives us a feeling of spaciousness, but have you tried some radiant colors for your walls?

Colorful walls add a sense of energy and spirited vibes to your bedroom. Experiment different combinations and always choose one that adds beauty to your bedroom with a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Try to avoid sharp contrasts too.

3.    Wallpapers

Having expensive paintings and big photo frames is not an affordable option for everyone. So if you want to experience the practicality and beauty at a reasonable price, then wallpapers are the best option available in the décor market. There are hundreds of styles and designs available in the wallpaper collections. You can choose the wallpaper that expresses your tastes and personality.

4.    Rustic Bricks

This one is a little bit tricky option as most of us don’t want to use rustic bricks inside our rooms. Using exposed bricks in your sleeping space is daring and stylish moves, but believe me, this can add a lot to the beauty of your bedroom. Rustic blocks are not that expensive, too, so try this at least with one of your rooms in your home.

5.    Themed Wall Art Pieces

Do you like horses or natural landscapes? Why not add this taste to the walls of your bedroom too? Just add a beautiful and neat frame to your interest, and you are good to add a fantastic piece to the walls. It not only adds beauty to your walls but a touch of personal taste too.

6.    Hang a Patterned Rug

Do you still think that rugs are only made for floors? Things have changed, and designers have introduced amazing hacks and tips to decorate your walls like professional designers. You don’t need to spend a lot on the decoration of your walls when a beautiful and straightforward rug can do this job for your decoration.

You can use a single colored rug too, but patterned rugs always prove to be the most suitable choice for decoration purposes.

7.    Horizontal Painting or Mirror

Any horizontal mirror or picture can add a sense of spaciousness to your bedroom. Mirrors may be massive, and they can cause danger in case of any mishap, so make sure that you have taken care of everything about the secured hanging.

A horizontal painting can be used in the same way too. Horizontal frames always look more attractive, and it can cover most of your walls also. If you have a significant horizontal picture, then it’s perfect. Otherwise, you can use a series of photos too to create a horizontal gallery wall. Horizontally hanging your best-collected images can add a new look to your bedroom.

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